Businesses across the Bay Area continue to suffer under a wave of crime. In Sacramento, business owners are redoubling their commercial security after an armed robbery downtown. At the popular Stanford Shopping Center, a thief robbed an elderly woman gunpoint. California Highway Patrol recovered $19 million worth of stolen retail goods.

These incidents highlight why business owners need to always take their security seriously. Here at Integrated Access Security, we understand this need and create solutions tailored for those needs. In this line of work, we have noticed a few concerns that (once identified) can help businesses become more secure.

Here are some of the commercial security questions you should be asking to make your business safer.

What Are My Business’ Weak Points?

Every business will have its own unique challenges when it comes to securing the property. Understanding those challenges will help you choose the right security measures for each issue. For example, are there any entry points to your company’s building that are hidden from view? Consider securing these areas with strong locks, lights and security cameras.

A less obvious example could be, is there roof access to your business? Are there any climbable walls, fences or dumpsters that would make it easy for a thief to access this entrance?

Who Is Coming and Going Through My Business?

Most criminals would like to stay anonymous when committing a crime. Taking away the cloak on anonymity can be a powerful tool in preventing crime. Card access, biometrics, even a check-in desk can all contribute to improved security measures.

Do you run a retail store where monitoring every person who enters and exits a building is not feasible? Put a security camera near where customers enter the store. This is a solution that not only monitors who comes and goes, but also acts as a deterrent. Criminals who see security cameras are less likely to commit a crime in that establishment.

What Do My Employees Know About Commercial Security?

The first line of defense against crimes at your place of business are your employees. They should know what qualifies as suspicious behavior, your business’ security protocols and how to keep themselves and customers safe.

Have More Questions? Our Commercial Security Specialists Are Ready to Help

Considering the economic climate we currently live in, it is important to keep your business safe. At Integrated Access Security, we have the necessary tools to help. We can setup smart cards, CCTV, intrusion detection and much more. Give us a call today at (650) 332-6667 or fill out our online contact form and we will setup a consultation. Do not let your business be an easy target.