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California is in the grips of a shoplifting spree and our security experts are working hard to find ways to counteract this outrageous trend.

2 02, 2022

Security Questions Businesses Need to Ask During the Bay Area Crime Wave

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Businesses across the Bay Area continue to suffer under a wave of crime. In Sacramento, business owners are redoubling their commercial security after an armed robbery downtown. At the popular Stanford Shopping Center, a thief robbed an elderly woman gunpoint. California Highway Patrol recovered $19 million worth of stolen retail goods. These incidents highlight why [...]

27 12, 2021

How Can You Defend Your Business From the Bay Area Shoplifting Spree?

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As the holiday season draws near, shoplifting rates are on the rise all over the Bay Area. While these shoplifting sprees are nothing new, this season they may be worse than ever. Businesses in the Bay Area, both big and small, are struggling to keep their inventory safe from thieves who are looking to take [...]

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