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Have you experienced a property crime at your business? Or, have other businesses in your area suffered from criminal activity? If so, then you may be considering commercial intrusion detection systems for your business.

Whether you have a small startup, a large business, or an apartment complex, security is of the utmost importance.

Business owners who own and operate apartment complexes have extra challenges. For example, like all businesses, they must protect their own property and investments. However, they also must protect their tenants from being victims of property crimes.

In today’s world, this can seem like an overwhelming task. After all, there are many security system companies operating across the country. It can be difficult to know which company can best meet the needs of your business.

How Do I Choose the Right Intrusion Detection System?

At Integrated Access Security, we understand how confusing these choices can be. As a result, we work hard to provide the right commercial intrusion detection system for every business.

Even though the financial losses associated with burglary can be overcome, it is harder to regain your peace of mind and the trust of your tenants when an intrusion occurs.

Not only will an intrusion detection system minimize the threat of intrusion, but these systems can also alert local authorities. They can even detect issues like floods and fires.

What Components Are Included in an Intrusion Detection System?

There are many different components included in your intrusion detection system. At Integrated Access Security, we offer fully customizable solutions to meet your specific needs. For example, some of those components could include:

  • An alarm keypad
  • Window and door alarms
  • Image sensors

An Alarm Keypad

An alarm keypad allows business owners to navigate their systems and change the settings. You can manage door locks, timers, security lights, and more from your alarm keypad. The newest touch-screen keypads offer a range of features. For example, these include:

  • Remote accessibility options
  • Two-way voice communication
  • A backup battery
  • Software updates

Window and Door Alarms

The window and door alarms feature sensors that will detect any break-in, motion, or other types of suspicious activity. You may also choose to add optional features, including:

  • Glass break sensors
  • Passive infrared sensors
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Door sensors

Image Sensors

These image sensors attach to digital cameras throughout your business, which then allow you to see what is happening at your business from a remote location. You may also choose to receive a live feed from your smartphone.

If you have concerns about the security of your business, then the time is right to speak to Integrated Access Security in Redwood City. We can put together a business intrusion detection system that notifies you of suspicious activity while protecting your business from fires and other hazards.

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