As a business owner, you are constantly searching for ways to improve your business’ security. This often involves training employees to know what to do to mitigate security risks. Security awareness is key and can help keep your business safe from a variety of issues, including attacks and theft.

This means it is important to train your employees to utilize the best security practices at your company. Here at Integrated Access Security, we focus on the elements of security every business needs. Here are seven employee security awareness training tips from our years of commercial security experience.

Security Awareness Training Tips for Businesses

  1. Update Current Security Policy. A strong security policy is one of the best ways to help your employees understand how to best protect your company. They should know how to authenticate clients, shred documents and set up virtual private networks when accessing their work-related documents from home.
  2. Comply with Regulations. All security policies should be clear and should comply with any regulations that are a part of your business.
  3. Fight Scams. There are always individuals looking to scam businesses and well-meaning employees. Train your employees to spot these scams quickly and report them. To do this, you can develop a training program that involves role-playing sessions.
  4. Train to Stop Phishing and Cyberattacks. Scam emails are the first step in most cyberattacks. Teach your staff and employees how to spot these emails, so they can avoid clicking on bad links that might compromise your business.
  5. Involve Upper Management. Upper management can help you by developing and implementing security protocols and training. They can also stay informed on the latest news to help your business stay on top of developing security issues and threats.
  6. Emphasize Important Information, But Not Too Much. Some well-meaning business owners share TOO much information with their employees. This becomes noise that they eventually tune out. Instead, develop training that occurs once a month and share weekly articles when they are necessary.
  7. Continual Training. Training doesn’t just occur once – it is ongoing and something you must commit to. The more training your employees undergo, the better protected your business will be!

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