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Access control services provided in San Mateo, CAIn today’s high-tech world, we often carry access cards or ID badges instead of keys to gain entry to a secured area. Physical access control security has virtually replaced deadbolt locks and matching brass keys for most businesses.

What Are the Benefits to Access Control Security?

Protecting your business is a top priority for any business owner. As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of protecting yours and your customers’ assets.

The ability to allow, restrict or deny specific individuals access to specific areas or even entire facilities can help provide that protection. Access control security can control who comes and goes from your business. It can also help you monitor and manage access within your business.

You could use a business access control system for the following examples:

  • Entry and exterior doors
  • Interior office doors
  • Workstations
  • File rooms
  • Printers and copiers

An access control system also allows you to assign different access levels across your employees. For example, all your employees may be able to use their access card to enter the building. However, only certain employees may access areas containing sensitive data with their card.

To utilize the advantages of access control systems you must remember that access control is about much more than deterring crime. Access control is about facilitating improved processes. Integrated Access Security helps businesses in the Redwood City and Palo Alto areas protect their most important assets through effective and cutting-edge security measures.

Why Is Access Control Necessary?

Aside from physical security, there are many reasons that a business may need an access control system. These reasons include:

  • HIPAA compliance. Hospitals, health insurance companies or doctors’ offices must often meet HIPAA compliance. An access control system may provide security compliance with HIPAA’s regulations.
  • PCI credit card data regulations. PCI governs banks, insurance companies and other businesses that accept and process credit cards. Businesses can use access control security to help protect customer data and meet PCI regulations.
  • Company cybersecurity standards. Any company working to maintain cybersecurity standards can benefit from an access control system.
  • Protect intellectual property. If your business deals with intellectual property or privileged information, then you can use an access control system to protect these assets.

What Are the Components of Access Control Systems?

Many parts work together to comprise a business access control system. The majority of access control systems have at least three basic components:

Access cards can be ID badges or even smartphone apps that produce a beep when presented to the card reader. Modern access cards are generally proximity cards. Proximity cards do not need to be inserted into a reader. Instead, the cards only need to be near the card reader to work.

There is also an access management dashboard in the system. This allows the head of security or an IT manager to set and control premises parameters of each individual. The system also traces the unlock events to each specific individual.

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