Retail Stores and Shopping Centers Need Experienced Commercial Security Companies

Here’s Why Our Bay Area Commercial Security Company Should Be at the Top of Your List

Busy Shopping Center in Need of SecurityShopping centers and retail stores face a myriad of problems that can make securing these businesses challenging. Theft, vandalism, violent crimes and crowd control are just a few of the issues property owners must consider. If you are not implementing measures to account for these issues, then you could face disaster. You need to seek the help of one of the Bay Area’s most experienced commercial security companies.

Here in California, property owners have a duty to provide reasonable safety measures for visitors and customers. But when applied to shopping centers, malls and individual stores, that duty multiplies. Property owners have to worry about the safety of tenets and their employees as well as customers. If you are the owner of the business, then you have to worry about shrinkage costs too. What building security system options will cover your needs on an affordable budget? At Integrated Access Security, we understand these worries and struggles when other commercial security companies may not.

We offer over 50 years of combined security experience to retail and shopping businesses. The services at our Bay Area commercial security company range from discretionary access control to intrusion detection and beyond. If you have security concerns, then we have custom solutions for your needs.

What Problems Do Retail Shopping Centers Face?

The fact that shopping centers have multiple stores and access points make them the most challenging to secure. These properties face safety challenges, including:

  • Loitering – When individuals aimlessly loiter around your property, they can make customers uncomfortable. Whether these individuals are homeless, panhandlers or even just teenagers, they can intimidate guests. These individuals can also cause trouble if they threaten others or conduct unauthorized business on the premises.
  • Parking Lot Safety – It is quite possible that there is more space in your parking lot than there is in the stores on your property. This space is often overlooked, making it a tempting area for criminal activity. Crimes of convenience and theft often occur in parking lots. Worse yet, your customers are often the focus of these crimes.
  • Property Damage – Graffiti and vandalism not only create eyesores, they can turn normal areas into safety hazards. Rubbish, medical waste and broken glass all threaten the safety of visitors. Cleaning up these messes can also cost thousands of dollars.

What Solutions Does Our Bay Area Commercial Security Company Provide?

No single retail property or shopping center has the same problems. That means there is no single solution to your retail security needs. This is why Integrated Access Security offers a variety of security solutions.

  • Access Control – This security option allows property owners to keep visitors and trespassers alike out of sensitive areas. You can suppress access to these areas using key cards, keypads or even biometric systems.
  • CCTV – This measure allows businesses to detect and record criminal acts as evidence for prosecution. The visibility of CCTV cameras can also help prevent crime. If you have personnel who can monitor the system, you may be able to detect suspicious activity before it results in a crime.
  • Intrusion Detection – These systems can tell you, or the authorities, when someone is where they are not supposed to be. Once again, this measure gives you a head start when it comes to responding to criminal activity.
  • Systems Integration – These measures can seem complex and disparate, but we can help bring them together. Using the latest innovative technology, we can bring all the layers of your security systems together for easier management.

Contact Our Security Experts to Help Evaluate Your Security Needs

California is the most populous state in the nation. We have individuals with the best of intentions and the worst. As the property owner of a shopping center or retail store, you must consider the plights of these individuals. Taking measures to protect your property can guard you against liability and reduce theft. And though there are many commercial security companies in our area, your business needs a specialist that will address your specific needs. We want to help you cover this wide range of considerations.

At Integrated Access Security, our security experts will help build the right solution for you. We will consider the size of your property, the points of entry and exit, and the people who patronize your establishments. We can help you assemble a solution that matches your needs and your budget.

If you need retail security, give us a call at (650) 299-9345 or fill out our online contact form. We would be happy to evaluate your current security needs and find a solution that fits your shopping center.