When you have been in an abusive relationship and managed to get yourself out of that tough situation, nothing about your life will ever be completely the same. If you are now living in a home of your own for the first time since the end of that relationship, it is no surprise that you may feel as though you are not completely safe or secure in your new living situation.

However, if you were able to free yourself from that abusive relationship, you will also be able to get yourself feeling safe and secure again after the relationship is over. Get to know some of the ways that you can do just that so you can get started as soon as possible making your home and life feel safer.

Install Deadbolt Locks on All Doors and Windows

One of the best ways that you can go about improving your sense of security in your new home and your fresh start in life is to install extra locks on all of your doors and windows. Deadbolt locks are heavy-duty locks that are designed to provide extra protection and security beyond that of a standard door lock.

You can opt to add deadbolts to both your windows and your doors. These locks are locked internally with a knob or turn bolt. However, you can also install a deadbolt that can be unlocked with a key from outside of your home if you wish.

For the best protection, your deadbolt and main door lock keys should be completely separate. This measure will ensure that even if someone manages to get a copy of the key to your primary door locks, they will not be able to easily acquire copies of your deadbolt keys as well.

Consider the Added Security of Security Chains

In addition to the deadbolt locks, you can further secure your doors with security chains. These security chains are made to prevent a door from opening fully even if the other locks have been breached.

While security chains are not infallible, they would significantly delay an intruder trying to enter your home. An intruder would also make a great deal of noise trying to break the chain lock, giving you ample time to call 911 or exit your home using another door or window.

Have a Full Security System Installed

Of course, when you are recovering from your past relationship, you may need more than just locks to feel secure. You may instead want a security company to install a full security system in your home.

There are many types of security systems you can choose from for your home. You can add access control measures like a keypad for home entry or even biometrics like fingerprint or voice access. Features like these are another layer of control over who accesses your home and when.

You can also opt for a fully integrated security system with security cameras and a coded security alarm system. The best part about full security system integration is that you can connect to your cameras and alarm using your smartphone or tablet from anywhere. This feature allows you to always know what is going on in your home.

Working with a security company  to set up a fully integrated system can give you the practical security you need. When you combing a security system with deadbolt locks and security chains, you can feel even safer in your home. In addition, these security measures can help you to better cope with your psychological issues as you get treatment to recover and focus on rebuilding your life.