While most businesses focus on external threats when implementing their security program, the truth is that current and former employees pose the greatest security challenge.

Your employees will become familiar with the way your security system is designed when they are granted access to restricted areas or data. With this knowledge, it becomes easier for malicious employees to circumvent any security systems your business has in place.

Any effective security system must take into account inside threats in order to be truly effective.

Understand the Special Risk Employees Pose to Security Systems

The primary reason why employees are the greatest security threat to businesses is that they have already been granted access to restricted areas or data. Unscrupulous employees can take advantage of this trust. For example, they could steal computer hardware or merchandise, employees with access to customer data may attempt to steal the identities of your customers, or some people may try to sell business data to competitors wishing to gain an edge.
Former employees pose a security threat to your business as well, especially if they were recently let go. They know the security systems that your business has in place just as well as your current employees. In addition, they may hold a grudge against your business for being terminated, or they may be desperate for money.

You can combat the threats posed by current and former employees by installing advanced high-tech security solutions.

Smart Card Technology Prevents Unwanted Access

If you use a keypad to prevent unauthorized entry into restricted areas, it’s time to upgrade. Keypad systems are insufficient to protect against former employees, since they already know the code that grants access. Some businesses change their codes periodically to guard against this security threat. However, former employees will still be able to access your restricted areas until the next time the code is changed.

Smart card security systems are the perfect way to safeguard your business against former employees gaining entry. With a smart card system, your employees are granted a card that provides them access to restricted areas. When an employee is terminated, you simply take the card from them when they are dismissed from the company.

As an additional layer of security, you can revoke the card’s ability to grant access to restricted areas from your computer. This eliminates the security threat inherent to a code-based system and keeps your business safe from malicious former employees.

Cloud-Based CCTV Systems Prevent Destroying Recordings

Modern CCTV cameras record their video to a DVR unit located somewhere on your property. A tech-savvy employee who knows this is dangerous, as they have the knowledge to circumvent your CCTV system by simply stealing or destroying your DVR unit. You may come to work one day and find all your servers gone and your DVR unit along with it. Without the DVR unit, you have no record of the act.

One solution is to physically restrict access to the DVR unit. It can be placed in a room that only very few, well-trusted employees can access. You can also place the unit in a wall safe and run the power and video cords to the cameras through the back. However, this doesn’t solve the primary issue of all your CCTV recordings being stored on site. A determined employee may find a way to steal or destroy the DVR unit.

The security solution least likely to be circumvented is CCTV cameras that upload their recordings automatically to the cloud. Only your business will have access to the recordings, and they cannot be deleted. This prevents employees from defeating your CCTV system by stealing or destroying the DVR unit. You’re guaranteed to have a record of the criminal act safely stored on the cloud.

Protecting your business from threats, both internal and external, is paramount in protecting both your business and your customers. Rapid advances in security technology have made it easier than ever for businesses to keep themselves safe. To see how high-tech security solutions can safeguard your business, contact us at Integrated Access Security.