As the holiday season draws near, shoplifting rates are on the rise all over the Bay Area. While these shoplifting sprees are nothing new, this season they may be worse than ever. Businesses in the Bay Area, both big and small, are struggling to keep their inventory safe from thieves who are looking to take advantage of busy times and short-staffed stores. While security guards can be a valuable asset in preventing theft, they are not always a feasible or affordable option for every business.

6 Tips for Defending Your Business From Shoplifting Spree

Here are some tips on how to defend your business from shoplifting sprees without breaking the bank:

  1. Educate your employees about how to identify suspicious behavior and what to do if they suspect someone is stealing from your store.
  2. Install security cameras both inside and outside your store.
  3. Use tags and stickers that are difficult to remove from items. These high-tech options include RFID tags as well as Point of Sale activation for electronic items.
  4. Conduct loss prevention exercises regularly so employees will be more aware of how shoplifters operate in your store.
  5. Be clear about your return policies and only offer refunds that are under the same policy as when an item was purchased.
  6. Be mindful of employee theft. Sadly, 75 percent of employees have admitted to stealing from their employers. You can cut this number down by:
    • Learning about the common methods of employee theft
    • Installing security cameras in warehouses and inventory rooms
    • Conducting more advanced pre-employment screening
    • Using access control systems to protect high-security areas and deter theft

Hire the Professional Security Experts With Years of Experience Stopping Shoplifters

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