Lately, businesses with company cars or fleet vehicles have felt the pinch of high gas prices. It is a problem haunting everyone in California right now. Now, thieves across the country are making the problem worse by stealing the gas in people’s tanks. What can a business owner do to prevent gas siphoning on their company vehicles? Our security experts have gathered a few tips to help.

1. Get Locking Gas Caps

The first, and easiest, way to secure your company vehicles from gas siphoning thieves is to purchase locking gas caps. Your local automotive store has plenty of options for nearly every make and model of vehicle. These items are often less than $30 to purchase and do not require any professional installation.

2. Invest in Security Cameras

Does your parking lot have security cameras? If not, then the gas in your company vehicles is at risk. So, how are security cameras going to protect the gas in your company vehicles? First, be sure that they are visible yet inaccessible. This means thieves can see the cameras and know that there is a chance that they will get caught attempting the theft. Second, if properly monitored, security cameras can help you notify the authorities quick enough to nab the crooks.

Setting up your cameras and parking zones so the gas caps are always facing a direction that exposes the thieves is important. That’s why businesses that already have a security camera system should evaluate its coverage to ensure it is focusing in the proper places. Our security experts can help with this type of review.

3. Buy Electric Vehicles for Your Company Fleet (Honorary Mention)

If your vehicle does not run on gas, then no one can steal gas from you. This may be cost-prohibitive, since electric vehicles (EVs) are pretty expensive. However, if you are just starting your business’ fleet,  this may be a good option.

4. Park Indoors

If you have open warehouse space, storage facilities or enclosed garages near your business, parking your car inside is the next best option. Gas siphoning is often a crime of convenience, and anything you can do to make a crime like this inconvenient will help deter thieves. Add to this the fact that thieves will not be able to see your vehicles and may not realize it is stored in the building. Storing inside also allows you to add the security advantages of a building to any security measures you have taken on your company vehicles. Imagine your company vehicles guarded by access control, CCTV and intrusion detection in addition to gas cap locks and other measures.

Have More Questions About Commercial Security?

Remember, security in layers is always a good idea. Having a locking gas cap, security cameras and indoor parking together will do the most to help deter gas siphoning thieves. But this is not the only security issue facing California businesses.

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