A growing number of homes now have outdoor security systems in place. This makes it difficult for burglars to infiltrate a home unnoticed. Unfortunately, many burglars have resorted to damaging outdoor security cameras. This allows them to enter into your home without fear of getting caught. Additionally, many CCTV security cameras are vulnerable to hacking. A burglar could potentially hack into your security camera and cause all kinds of problems. Here are some of the best security camera protection tips to help keep you and your family safe.

How to Hide a Security Camera Outside

The purpose of an outdoor security camera is to scare off potential intruders from entering your home. However, many intruders will damage or steal an outdoor security camera if given the opportunity. You should look to protect your outside security camera by positioning it as high as possible. This will keep it out of reach of any potential intruders.

You should also consider using a security camera cover. This will prevent potential intruders from easily spotting your security camera. A security camera protection expert can help you determine the best spot to position your security camera. He or she can also help you keep your security camera hidden so the evidence remains intact.

How to Protect CCTV Cameras From Theft

Using a security camera cover is one way to protect your CCTV cameras from theft. However, there are other security camera protection tips you can try. For example, you can schedule a consultation with a Bay Area security company. A security systems expert can help you select a camera that fits the shape and size of your home. Many homeowners set up cameras that are too large for their home. This makes them easily noticeable by intruders. It also increases the likelihood of them getting stolen.

A security systems expert can also help you select a CCTV camera that suits your particular needs. Many security cameras have built-in motion sensors that alert you whenever a trespasser crosses the camera’s field of vision. There are also security cameras that upload any recorded security footage to the cloud for safekeeping. This helps you retain access to the footage if an intruder removes or destroys your camera. Having a CCTV camera with these features will help you protect your home from theft. It will also help you hold any intruders accountable for their illegal behavior.

Our Bay Area Security Company Offers Security Camera Protection

Installing an outside security system is a great way to dissuade an intruder from entering your home. However, this step alone is not enough. You must prevent an intruder from damaging, stealing or hacking into your security cameras.

At Integrated Access Security, our security experts can offer you advice regarding security camera protection. We can also help you implement the best possible strategy for keeping your security cameras safe. Contact us today at (650) 332-6667 to speak to our Bay Area security company. You can also send us a message by completing our confidential contact form. We specialize in addressing many types of commercial and residential security needs. Reach out to us now to learn how we can help you keep your home safe.