As a business owner, one of your concerns is security. Security for your products, your facilities, and your employees. Having an armed security guard may seem like the best solution, but it can also make your customers a bit uneasy. Luckily, other options can keep everything and one safe. Talk with a security company about an integrated access control system.

These security systems take the place of the normal locks and keys on your doors. You will need to determine what exactly it is you want the system to secure. In addition to having the system installed on all external doors and windows, you may want to have it installed on the main office door, and any door that is to areas for employees only.

Once you know what it is you want to be protected, you and the security professional can design a system that will fit your requirements. Here are just a few benefits you will find when you have an integrated access system installed in your business facility.

Protecting Employees

There are probably times when there are employees in the facilities doing work, but no one else should be there. When you have an integrated access control system, all the doors and windows can be locked and have an alarm set on them while someone is in the building working. Only people who have a form of access can get into the place without setting off an alarm.

When your business does have customers coming in late at night, or at times when only one employee is there, you can set the system so that the employee needs to allow patrons inside. They can be kept safe behind another wall with window access only while the customers are inside.

Access for Outside Workers

When other people need to get into your establishment during the hours you are closed, you can give them access so that you or one of your employees does not need to hang around. You can have a code programmed, or an access card created that will only work on a specific date at a particular time. You can make sure these people have access only to the areas where they will be working.

This can be very handy if you have a regular cleaning or maintenance team that comes in at night. They will only be allowed in on the nights they are scheduled to be there. Since you can check the system to find out when they were there, this will also verify when they came and went. If you have cameras installed too, you can check to make sure they were working.

Verify Overtime

When an employee is claiming overtime, you need to be sure they were there and working. While you can check any cameras, sometimes they do not cover the entire facility. An integrated system will log when they came in, and every time they left the building. You may also be able to connect the network to the security system, so you can tell if they were working or not.

Knowing who is in your establishment at all times, and what they are doing there is just another system of making sure your business is running efficiently. An integrated access system is a great way of keeping track of this. You will be able to make adjustments as necessary to save money on payroll while making sure the work gets done.
Also, when your employees feel safe, they can work better and smarter. You will notice everything is getting done in a timely fashion and your workers are more relaxed. This creates an environment that will keep customers coming back, so your bottom line increases.